Welcome to the students of China-Scholarship-Council Program!

The IUCM (Internationaler Universitätsclub München e.V.) is very pleased to welcome you to the LMU China-Scholarship-Council Program. We invite you to join the orientation program, the German language course, go on the extracurricular activities and to participate in the vibrant international student life of the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (LMU) in Munich!

The program comprises the following independent components:

Detailed program

1. Welcome Meeting for all CSC Students, September 3rd, 10 a.m. 

2. Orientation program (03.09-06.09.2019)

The orientation program aims to assist you with all administrative matters that are necessary after your arrival. This includes, for example, registering your residence, opening a bank account, applying for a residence permit, enrolling at the LMU, etc. You will also receive support with your arrival. We recommend that you arrive on September 2nd.

The costs of the orientation program are primarily covered by LMU. Nevertheless, each student needs to contribute an additional payment of 50 €.

3. Language course (09.09.-27.09.2019)

The purpose of the language program is to prepare you linguistically and culturally for studying at LMU and for living in Munich. In addition to the general language lessons, you will learn vocabulary, grammatical structures and cultural particularities, which are especially relevant for studying. Improvement and consolidation of language skills in German are the focus of the interactive class.

The course consists of 3 weeks intensive language course with a total of 60 lessons. The language level depends on the current language level of all participants. Further details of the program can be found in the timetable.

The costs of the orientation program are covered by LMU.

4. Excursion program (September 2019)

The excursion program offers the opportunity to get a first impression of Germany and its culture.

The program includes the following excursions:

  • Excursion Nürnberg: The day trip by bus to the city of Nürnberg. You will receive sufficient informative material including a map during the journey. Otherwise, you have the opportunity to discover the city by yourself.
  • Excursion to the Alps / Castle Neuschwanstein: The day trip by bus to the Bavarian Alps. We will visit the Wieskirche and the fairy-tale castle of King Ludwig II: Schloss Neuschwanstein. The castle is explored with a tour guide. Otherwise, you have the opportunity to explore the surrounding area by yourself.
  • KZ Dachau: Group visit to the Concentration Camp Dachau Memorial Site. Guided tour and history lecture about the exhibition include a 17 min film.
  • We encourage you to book the whole program in order to participate at maximum of the offer.

Participation in the program is based on self-payment of 90 €.

Deadline of Application 

Please get back to us and register until August 9th, although if you don’t plan to participate in any of the program components.

Please note:

  • The registration for the program components is bindingly
  • We need the registration as well for students who don't want to attend the programs above
  • For accommodation matters please contact Dongmei Zhang.

We look forward to meeting you soon in Munich,

Best wishes,

Your IUCM-Team